That's not exactly news. But in this time of quarantine, it's important to remember that we're all in this together and that anything we can do to flatten the curve may mean some inconvenience for most, and the difference between life and death for some. 


But it seems like some people just aren't getting the message. 

Myself and some of my work friends noticed a growing trend of brands portraying social distancing, so we took it upon ourselves to ask a question: can we use the world's most famous taglines to tell people to stay the fuck home? We work in persuasion after all, and at this unprecedented time, no matter the creative, the positioning, or the product, our message as an industry should be clear:


Stay safe, and stay home.

Legally, I feel like I should point out that none of these are real, all are spec, and zero of this content has been signed off on. It's just for S&Gs. 

Now stay off the beach, Florida, seriously.